Clarification whether L1 VISA can be extended post usage of GC Advance Parole

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My 485 is pending with USCIS for more than 180 days and current status is "Pending and waiting for VISA number". Recently I crossed the border and during my return the border officer has asked me to use AP even though I have had valid L1 VISA and also he suggested to use my EAD to work with in USA.

Just to give a background about my case, My 140 was approved initially but later got revoked (with in 180 days) due to revocation requested by my employer because of the business unit termination. However, I'm still working in the same employer and they are waiting for new business unit to provide approval to continue/start the process.

Now, my company don't want to use/rely on EAD hence they are asking me to submit the document to extend my L1 VISA.

My Clarification , If I extend my L1 VISA , will it impact my pending 485, approved EAD and AP?

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According to the Cronin Memo, answer #3, after being paroled in with AP, you can extend status back to L1 status. It will not affect your I-485, EAD, or AP.

Also, according to the Cronin Memo, answer #5, since you had both a valid AP and a valid L1 visa, it was your decision whether you were to be paroled in or admitted into L1 status. Perhaps you can contact a CBP deferred inspection office and see if they can correct your I-94 to be admitted as L1.

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