H1 I797B - Travel Issues-

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After visa stamping on company name ABC. I was laid off by company ABC. During this i was in India. Since i was getting close to 60 day grace period i went to US and found a new job. However, I had to return to india because there was no sufficient time to file H1 transfer (60 day grace period was hitting). After coming to india, they new employer 'DEF" filed h1 transfer and got the approval -I797B.  As a common practice previous employer "ABC" revoked H1 petition, on which i have visa stamped. Do i need to go for stamping again to get visa updated on the company name "DEF" to travel back to USA?

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Your status H1b is still the same, only the employer has changed.  If your H1b visa is still valid (even though from a different employer), you can still use it to travel back to US.  At the POE, immigration, show the officer your latest H1b from new employer.  Make sure you have enough validity on your passport.  Good Luck.

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