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My wife changing her visa status from H1b to H4, since she is already in the states we applied for form I539 (Change of nonImmigration status)

Here my question is---

1.If I539 is in pending/processing stage and spouse travels out side the US, will that application considers abanded ?

2. when they go for h4 visa stamp, do spouse need I797 approval for changing her immigration status (from h1 to h4) OR Husbands h1b approval -I797 notice would be sufficient for her to get visa stamp.

-Pls advise

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Hi pontevecchio

Thanks for the reply...

Will there be any risk involved with I539 abandon...things like

1. Should it be affect getting the H-4 visa stamp and being let back in to the country

2. Will there be a time of being out of status on record and will that affect anything in the future

Pls. advise

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