Need SSN after change of status approved

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I came to US in july 2023 on F2. Recently my change of Status got approved (from F2 to H1) and i got my I-797A also(with the updated I-94 info). 
Now that i visited SSN office couple of times and they kept rejecting my application.
Stating that they cant give SSN for F-2 and they need to see the updated H1 status in I-94 Website. Please suggest.

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It will never show up on that website. You should not be looking at that website. The CBP's I-94 website only has I-94s from entry, issued by CBP. When your Change of Status was approved, you got an I-797A approval notice, which has a new paper I-94 as part of the page. This is a paper I-94 issued by USCIS, and will never show up on CBP's electronic I-94 website. This new paper I-94 (when it reaches its start date) supersedes any previous I-94, including the electronic I-94 you got at entry, which will now be void. You should be showing only the new paper I-94 when applying for your SSN. There is no reason why they would look at the electronic I-94 website which will not have your paper I-94.

Also, you can start working while waiting for your SSN.

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