B1/B2 Visitors visa entry of my in-laws into the United States


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hi all ,

I am planning to bring my inlaws  to the United States on Feb2, 2024 (but their 180 days cool off period would end on Feb 9, 2024). Will this be an issue at Port of Entry?

Last time when they visited us in Feb 22, 2023, they were stopped at Washington D.C Port of Entry because, they stayed for more than 6 months back in 2021 due to Covid. We applied for their extension on time but they left United States before we received the receipt notice and then we applied for the withdrawal & USCIS responded with denial notice.

I have couple of more questions:

1) Is 180 days cool off period mandatory?

2) Will it be an issue if they enter again at Washington D.C Port of Entry?

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No, it is not mandatory and there is no such thing as a cooling off period. 

I assume they were admitted to the U.S. back in Feb 2023, but were just stopped and asked questions. The same might happen again, no matter what port they enter through so they should be prepared for it and show the old B extension receipt notice if asked. It would also be helpful to show a return ticket, or any other documents that show ties to their home country.

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