H-1B Stamping with Dismissed Domestic Violence Case


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I was arrested for Malicious Mischief - DV (3rd Degree) and Assault - DV (4th Degree) in July 2016. The charges were dropped with no conviction and I have not had any issue since. I have been nervous about a visa rejection and hence I have not gone for a Visa Stamping since. I am planning to get married and hence planning to get a Visa Stamping during this time. I have a drop box appointment in Chennai in January. Here are my questions:

1. Can I bring my court documents (Disposition, Docket), police (arrest report, clearance letters, state patrol letter and FBI), immigration letter (memorandum) and other support documents  (congressional letter, character letters) to the appointment? Will they be accepted? Any other documents needed?

2. I am expecting a 221G, any latest updates on the processing delays? Any chance of refusal for dismissed cases? I have confirmed via 3 attorneys that this does not constitute to a CIMT/Inadmissible offence, having said that, any potential issues?

3. How is the experience at the Port of Entry?


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Picked up my passport yesterday (7-Feb-24) and it had a white 221g, requesting me to attend an in-person in Chennai interview and provide court and supporting docs. Attended the interview today (8-Feb-24) and got another White 221g. Currently waiting on next steps. No specific requirements or action items mentioned. 

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Completed physical eval on Friday at the Apollo Medical center. Took an X-Ray, Blood and vital check. Spoke to physician and went to Apollo Sindoori Block for Psych eval. Questions about background, incident details, drinking alcohol and drugs were asked. They mentioned they can send the report in 2 business days. The whole exam plus travel was complete in 5 hours. Waiting on next steps. 

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