Employer not paying wage as per LCA and threatening.

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I am on H1B and as per i-94 I landed in the US in Jan 2023 but my employer didn't pay me as per LCA for 2.5 months and said once I get the project I will get paid and says that this is how we work as federal contractors and it's legal so I couldn't say much and get the project and start getting paid from Mid of April because I got the contract on April so they also got my sign on a new employment letter that states my started date from April, at that time I couldn't refuse to sign because I need to feed my Family of four.
Also, we didn't get any medical insurance throughout my employment tenure.
While I was switching to new employer B, Employer A started threatening me and in my last pay stubs, they didn't even pay me half the amount and said they charged the rent of his guest house (Although there is no agreement signed for this).
During my resignation, I told them that I wanted to leave on good terms so that my transition would go smoothly but I don't know why they are not stopping.
Before moving to their guest house in MD, I was staying with family at one of my family friends' house in NJ for two weeks during this stay my employer A shipped a brand new laptop which was directly shipped from the store to my NJ location and Before returning I tried to return it as it comes to me and for that I did the factory reset because I never work on his machine so there could be no employer data in my laptop and all was my personal stuff and they now started to create this issue and threatening me that I did this violation.

Please help me what should I do?

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