Green Card for Parents

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I am an American citizen and i wanted to file green card for my parents. Could some please point me out to what should the procedure be, and what documents are required.


my parents are now married for close to 40 years, and they do not have a marriage certificate, thus, could some other document be replaced in stead of the marriage certificate.?

Response is greatly appreciated.


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Originally posted by soul_:

The main question i have is that how much would it affect for my parents not having a marriage certificate, and what would be the options.?

I am not sure why would you bring up health insurance in this post.?

You will have to sign an affidavit of support, which makes sure that your parents won't become a public charge. That means, for example, that if your parents can't get health insurance in the US, you would be responsible for paying the hospital bills, etc. Your parents wouldn't be eligible for things like Medicare until they become US citizens (or work for 10 years.)

For elderly people, health insurance costs can be very expensive.

It is obvious from your posts that you haven't thought this through all the way yet.

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