H1 lottery multi application issue

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If an Employee E has applied for H1B thru company A genuine), Company B and Company C (sister company of B), lottery got picked from A and C. Employee don’t know H1B is filled thru Company C, but was informed after the lottery.

What should be right action by the employee now?
- can he continue H1B petition to thru company A which is genuine.
- whether H1B petition would be denied?
- If H1B is approved with an intent to punish the applicant when he arrives in US. What would be the consequences he could face? H1B termination- so he can return back to India, with no possible entry to US? or going to jail?
- Any impact if the employee apply B1 or L1 in future not proceeding with current H1 lottery selection?

If Company A has applied H1 lottery for 2 employees for the same job, what would be the impact to the company and employees?

How an employee can determine Company A is genuine? Job offer, LCA approval ?

Pls guide me.
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Multiple related companies filing H1s for the same person is a disqualifying thing. If B and C both filed an H1 for you all of the H1s filed for you may be disqualified.

You need to discuss your situation with a good immigration lawyer ASAP.

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