Visitor Visa entry granted for 29 days

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My in-laws landed in Dallas and granted entry on their I-94 for 29 days as they over stayed when they last visited here(2021) , at that time we filed for an extension and they went to Biometrics as well, but still till date there's no update on the extension.


So is it wise to apply extension this time and can stay longer?


So their last visit was in Dec 2020 - Oct 2021 and again they came beck to US on March 2023

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Wise is a frame of mind. You can apply for an extension of stay. But you need them to be prepared to leave by I94 end if you do not get a receipt for the EOS by that time. If you do, they can possibly stay for 3 months or so and leave before the decision is made on their EOS. If they are present here post I94 expiry and the EOS is denied, they will need a new Visa for future visits.

In view of the varied nuances of the situation, discuss the matter with a lawyer first.

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