Approved during interview and later received passport without US visa stamp

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I had my appoint after 2.5 years due to covid and lockdown situations in Mumbai, India.

I finally had my date of interview as 3rd March along with my parents.

We finished our interview and the VO said congrats your visa are approved and took all the 3 passports. 

On 5th March we received a message to collect passports of my parents & I did the same on 6th March, both the passports that visa stamps on it. Until now I did not receive any message or email regarding my passport. 

I eventually got my sms/email on the 10th of March and I went to collect my passport on 15th March, but my passport has no stamp and they gave me a white paper (221g) which has a box tick that says "Your application requires ADDITIONAL ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESSING. The Consular office will contact you via e-mail if/when an update becomes available." 

My CEAC status shows Refused & I am unsure of anything as to what should I expect, what can be the reason behind this and by when should I expect any email (if any). I read a lot of threads where people are given different color paper (221g) for additional document submission, etc. but non of that is mentioned in my case.

Please suggest any advice if there is any understanding towards my situation.

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