Can I go back and work with my old employer with old approved petition?

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I was working for Employer A, later employer B applied for H1 transfer and i have joined employer B but due to some issues, i left employer B on third day. Now can I go back and work for Employer A? Employer A h1 petition is still valid.
And is it ok if Employer B run the paycheck for the couple of days i worked there? Will it have any issue, still can i go back and work for Employer A?
If Employer B revoke his petition will it have any impact on Employer A petition or on work status?
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As long as employer A didn’t write to CIS to withdraw, your petition you can just go back. Even if they already withdrew it, if they are willing to spend a few hundred bucks, they can file another petition for you.

There could be some issues around compliance, but most likely, like 99.9%, you will be fine. People procrastinate and neglect on paperwork all the time and CIS doesn’t expect companies run like clockwork.

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