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I came to US on H1B a month ago and starting my job this week. My employer said that he is expecting a NOIR for his company (employees on H1B) and he wants me to register again in current cap (H1B registration 2023) pool. I have couple of questions on this scenario. Any inputs are highly appreciated.

1.       Is the new registration (2023 cap) a valid one for me when I am already in USA on valid H1B.

2.       If I transfer to a new employer, will the NOIR still impact me? Assuming I get the transfer approval before/after the NOIR on current employer?

3.       If the NOIR comes, what are my next steps as an employee assuming if I am staying with the current company?

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On 3/7/2023 at 10:18 AM, Zodiac System said:

Did your employer give you the reason for NOIR?  No harm in getting into lottery again as this advise must have been given by your employer's attorney.  You can also find another employer and apply for a transfer (which may or may not help in your situation).  Good Luck.

Employer neither told any reason nor confirmed that NOIR received. Employer said they are expecting a NOIR and did not give more information. 

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