change of postdoc after approved I-140 and want to file I-485 now


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Hello Guys,

I have concern on filling the I-485 myself after the approval of the I-140.

I have applied under the NIW and approved I-140 recently. I recently moved to another postdoc at another university (different from the previous postdoc at the initial university). The topics of both previous postdoc and the current want are pretty similar to each other.

Does this change cause any problem for me? Do I need to make a cover letter and stating this change to the USCIS? DO I need to ask a lawyer to file for me just because of this issue?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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Generally, an NIW petition is approved for work in a particular area. And so the approval of such a petition is generally not job specific. However, when someone has a concern about the continuing validity of such an approval it is usually a good idea to consult with an attorney who can provide specific legal advice as such issues can arise and be looked at during I-485 processing and from time to time an RFE does get issued asking for evidence of one's work to show that one is within the same field.

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Thanks Murthy Law Firm Attorney 15 for advice. Do you think printing the offer letter, the adviser CV (shows his field of working) and emphasizing that the project is supported by US Army is enough as the evidence of relevance of the topics?

Unfortunately, I can not afford 2000 more to have an attorney to handle this issue. What is your advice?

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