travel on temporary I-551 while waiting for GC


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I entered US on Immigrant visa on 17 Oct, have not received GC yet, need to travel to India by the end of Dec. They say IV with entry stamp is valid as temp 551 for 1 year from the date of entering US. But my IV expires on 1 Feb2023. So if my return on India is on after that date, will there be problem upon my return to US? 

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The temporary I-551 stamp has the same value as the actual physical GC card (which is formally called I-551.) It is all that is needed. The IV has become irrelevant once you entered with it and got the I-551stamp. Anybody who suggests you need the IV is clueless.

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You don't have what I would call an "I-551 stamp". Rather, what you have is an immigrant visa that turned into an I-551 upon entry, due to the line of text on it that says "upon endorsement serves as temporary I-551 evidencing permanent residence for 1 year". The immigrant visa's expiration date is no longer relevant. Immigrant visas are single-use anyway, so you wouldn't be able to use it again even if it weren't expired. Rather, you are using the I-551 that the immigrant visa turned into. And this temporary I-551 is valid until 1 year after your date of entry (as indicated on your entry stamp).

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