Visit visa holder marrying us citizen

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Hi, I am holding 10 years multiple entry visitor visa and been to the states multiple times. I am married to a US citizen 6 months ago and our plan was to settle in India so we have never started a procedure for immigration. Now both of us are decided to settle in the U.S. I am holding 10 years multiple entry visa and my wife is a US citizen. We have never disclosed our marriage to the US authority. We want to come to the US asap and start our life here. What are our options? We want to come here asap and doesn't want to go back for the visa procedures. We are confused since we are hearing multiple ways from the different people like

1) come to US , disclose marraige and apply for adjustment , work auth and greencard

2) apply for K3 visa and do adjustment, work auth and greencard after arrival

3) do standard procedure in india and wait a year

We have heard about your name and expertise.. Please advise

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You must be truthful about your marital status in all dealings with US immigration agencies. I hope you did not claim to be single after your marriage! Do not enter the US on a visit visa. File for proper processing. Since your spouse is not working in the US at this time, you need to address the affidavit of support issues immediately.

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