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Hello there, 

I have a quick question on my current E3 D Visa and EAD. Could you please help me in this regard?

  1. My husband is a E3 visa holder which is valid until NOV 15, 2024 (which is approved on 08/10/22 with premium processing).
  2. Kids and I are on E3D Visa, and I am holding E3 EAD both visas and I-94 are valid until Nov 15th, 2022. Recently we filed for E3D extension and E3 EAD renewal and received Notice of Action Date Aug 19th, 2022 and are still waiting for USCIS response.

Based on my above provided my case information and status, I have below questions. Could you please help me with this asap?

  1. Am I eligible to work in the United States based on (Automatic Employment Authorization Document (E3-D EAD) Extension from USCIS – There are few references stating automatic extension of 540 days) - If eligible, what are the next Steps from my end?
  2. If not eligible, what are the other best options to continue my work?
    1. Currently RLI is willing to provide ‘Required Document for Expediting my EAD’. Can you please guide me how to proceed with next steps for expediting the case after receiving the ‘Supporting Document to Expedite from RLI’? (For example, how to initiate the expedite process, Mail/Email to USCIS, any other forms to fill as part of this process?)
    2. What are the other feasible options for my visa and EAD without interrupting my work? (Example, travel to other countries to get the visa stamp and get the latest I-94)?

Would be greatly appreciate your help in this regard.

Thank you very much.

Kind Regards,

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1. Only if you have an unexpired I-94. But if you had an unexpired E3S I-94, you wouldn't need an EAD to work anyway.

2. You can leave the US and re-enter the US if you have a valid E3 visa, bring a copy of your spouse's E3 I-94. You should be admitted for the same duration as your spouse, the E3 principal. That way, you will get an E3S I-94 and can work immediately. Again, an EAD is not needed for you to work.

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