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Hi Members,

Below is my situation.

I got H1B approved for 3 years till 2023 with company A  and  I got an offer from company B, so i transferred h1B and  started working for company B, H1B approved till 2024 with company B. After 1 years due to recession , I got laid off from company B and they withdrawn my H1B .and then I got offer from company C  Since I'm on 60 days grace period ,so accepted that offer and they filed my H1B transfer before 60 days grace period in regular process and started working on receipt notice. Now I got an better offer from Company D  and I want to go with company D ,They said they will file H1 petition in premium. I have valid I-94 till 2024 on company B approval notice . What is my situation now?

 I want to know

1) Can i apply bridge petition using  Company C receipt notice after 60 days grace period ?

2)  Bridge petition get approved only after Company C petitions approves ?

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