green card divorce

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thanks for the reply.

i was married to US citizen.

didn't apply for green card for 2 years.

applied after 2nd anniversary and hence got full permanent resident card for 10 years.

got divorced after almost 8-9 months due to problems with our marriage.

its been a year since i got divorce.

now planing to marry again.

will i get any problems sponsoring my new alien spouse for GC.

i couldnt get benefit of getting citizenship after 3 yrs hence it will take normal 5 yrs for me to be citizen. i heard from someone if its less than 5 yrs from when i got GC i will have problem sponsoring my new spouse however if its more than 5 yrs since i got GC, then there is no issue.

please elaborate my options over here.

would really appreciate ur help.


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