Frequency of travel on B1 B2 visa


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My mother in law has travelled to USA three times. 
2013 , 2018, 2022 

Her last trip to USA ended on August 25th 2022. She stayed here for 6 months. 
How soon can she travel back to USA again? Is there any rule that she has to stay in India  for certain period before making a trip to USA again ?

we have a little baby and want her help so that’s why we are planning back to back trip! I just want to make sure it there are any rules around it as well as anything to keep in mind for immigration/ POE perspective? 

Thank you in advance ! 

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First, helping with a child is not allowed on a visitor visa. That would be work. You'd have to get a nanny if you need help. Sorry, but these are the laws of this country.

Second, a visitor has to be more abroad than in the US. While there is no hard rule it is recommended to stay abroad for at least a year after a stay of 6 months in the US.

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