no receipt num from USCIS on H1B employer Transfer application


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i recently switched to a new employer who filed for H1b transfer

but there is no receipt number from USCIS and its almost 3months now.

the checks have been cashed by the USCIS and when called support they said couldn't find the receipt in their system and raised a e-request and said it will take 30days

all of sudden my project is ending and i have got new opportunity with another employer but their attorney said they will not start h1b transfer application until the current employer application is approved. i didn't get the receipt number also and current attorney saying he can't upgrade to premium without receipt number. all we know is the application went to Lincoln, NE as per the back of the checks but no receipt number stamped on the back of the check.

i'm at the edge of loosing the job & new opportunity as well.

appreciate some input to get the receipt number soon so i can upgrade to premium and get an approved visa so i can get the new job or anyother way so i can upgrade the current application to premium without the receipt number?

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20 hours ago, Zodiac System said:

Can you go back to your 1st employer?  Check with an attorney.

i'm still with 1st employer only to whom i switched recently and he started the visa transfer but the project is ending suddenly with client. so he said you can start looking for jobs. Then another employer offered job but their attorney said they will start transfer process only after 1st employer visa approved which is pending and no receipt number even after 3months of applying. so without receipt number from current employer and approval new employer said cant start visa transfer

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