Transfer of H1B to F1

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I have changed my H1B status to F1 status through stamping in my home country. I have also resigned my job and informed my manager. 
I need to know the next steps, if my company’s lawyer needs to be informed too? What happens if they do not withdraw my petition?

I have read that people get NOIR for previous petitions if they are not withdrawn and if a site visit happens.

I do not plan to rejoin this company or even use the remainder H1B years for atleast 2 more years as I will be on F1 status.

Please let me know if I need to be aware of anything to avoid complications in the future.


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if my company’s lawyer needs to be informed too? -- if feel your manager needs to take care of this.

What happens if they do not withdraw my petition?  -- company needs to get it revoked and any good company will do it else it will problem to them only.

If you can send an email to your manager and immigration attorney asking them to make sure they revert your H1B..


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