Returning US after 7 years with GC

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I have employment based green card for me and family. My wife and daughter left US in Apr, 2015. We received the physical GC in May, 2015.
Wife and daughter staying in India for last 6 years and planning to return to US in Apr, 2022. What are the challenges we could see at Port of Entry and what are my next steps. 

a) I am staying in US continuously from 2015
b) Do I need to apply SB-1 visa for my family
c) Can my family enter without SB-1 visa

Please share your thoughts.


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The GCs are gone. They can NOT be used for entry. If they try it would be immigration fraud.

And an SB1 would require that they weren't able to enter for no fault of their own. That would be like if they were in a hospital. Simple deciding to not return is not a valid reason for an SB-1.

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