CAP H1B was revoked, Current COE Petition received NOID


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 Hi All,

In 2015 , Employer A applied for my H1B under Masters Quota.
In April2016, I left the employer A and was in process of transferring my Visa to employer B as I found a new Job.
In 2016(H1B COE), was approved, 2017 H1B extension was approved, 2019 H1B extension was approved. (All with Employer B)
In 2017 and 2019 went to India for H1B stamping and was successful. 
In Nov 2021, applied for COE with Employer C (Client Full Time).
Employer C received NOID saying NOIR was sent in June2019 for my initial H1B (2015) and was revoked in Nov2020 because in April2016 they did a site visit and I was not in the work location mentioned by Employer A in the petition.
When I am tracking my initial H1B it is still showing as NOIR where as my other petitions were showing as approved.
Spoke with Employer B and they haven't received any revocations for the petitions approved with them.
I do not have contact with Employer A from past 5-6years, not even sure whether he is still in business.
My I-94 is still showing active as my current petition is approved.

What are my next options?  Can Employer C respond back to NOID with the details saying Employer A is not in business and I (beneficiary) do not have any contact with him and was not aware of the NOIR and revocations?

Please help!!
Suggestions are appreciated.

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