Green Card application for my spouse

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I was hoping this forum could help me with some information before I start approaching lawyers on starting the process of applying for a GC for my wife. I am currently a GC holder (eligible for US Citizenship - Over 5 years with GC), and am engaged to my Fiancé' who is in India.

The wedding is set towards the end of the year in India, and I was about to apply for my US Citizenship before I head out there, but had a couple of questions before I submit the application -

1. Would my US Citizenship application cause any unforeseen issues, after my wedding for my wife's GC application ? - Or would it be better for me not to apply for the US citizenship till her GC is all taken care of, and she arrives to the US (which could take anywhere between 6-15 months, from what I heard)

2. If I did submit the application before my wedding, would there be any issues with changing my marital status while my application is being processed?

Any input into this is greatly appreciated.



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1. Not really. There is no real difference between petitioning her as the spouse of a permanent resident or the spouse of a citizen. The only downside is if she has an under-21 child who wants to immigrate as her derivative beneficiary, you becoming a citizen will complicate that, since spouses of citizens are in the Immediate Relative category which cannot have derivative beneficiaries. If that's the case, (assuming the child is under 18) you should file separate petitions for the wife and child after marriage; that way, if you become a citizen, they will still both have petitions.

2. no

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