WHITE SLIP in Consulate stamping interview

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Hi ,
  I have an approved H1B petition till August 2022. I had to attend the stamping process in Chennai US consulate , during when i was issued a white slip requesting or End client letter. My employer is not willing to provide the End client letter. I need few guidance and how to proceed with this
1. The case with white slip is due to expire on April 2022, what happens to my petition once the case expires ? can i go ahead and get a new appointment after that and go ahead for new stamping
2. Incase if i can submit some other supporting documents like BRM letter or position confirmation letter, what is the probability of approval.


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It seems visa interviews started in India. This is some positive signs.

End client letter is not your employer letter. It is actual letter from the client for whom you work for. My employer is not willing to provide the End client letter .. this is strange. Ask your employer why? Since this is your life ask your client manager directly. In my previous case, I email my request to my client manager and there was an email trail which clearly said as per my client's policies they do not provide letters to contractors. I showed this to VO during my INTERVIEW and he said he understands this.

1. After April 2022 new petition new stamping

2. If you cannot get client letter submit an email trail like I said above, Your employer must support you on this.


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