Can i goto Mexico for stamping? Applying h1b transfer to new Emp (afte 4 years in India)

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Hi all, 

I am currently in India after quitting my job in 2017 and moving back here for family reasons. I have recenlty applied for h1b transfer as. ihave 2 years left on my old h1b .

as per requirement i quality for visa drop box in Tijuana as my prev stamping was in mexico itself. 

when I quit my job in 2017 Jan and old H1b status shows terminated

Both my i797 & Visa stamping say exp as 9-Mar-2018

As per the new rule my expiration is within 48 months(Its 39 months from today)

BUt if we go by my H1b status termination (not sure when date is but i am guessing its Jan 2017)- It will be 53 months.

So the question is do I qualify for Tijuana drop box? I am not getting appointments in India so this is fastest way to get my stamping.

PS: I have a US citizen kid too . is that an advantage to get early appts in India?

But in India i have to goto face to face apt which can cause risk of deinal?


Pls help me out and share your thoughts. 

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