Permit filing if there is one day left on H1B

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Hi Team,


I found an employer who can file a new H1 but upon conversation he mentioned they can start PERMIT process even if there is one day left in last H1, I have just 1 day left in my last H1B( based on my entry and exit dates calculation). I have exited the USA end of June 2020. I just want to know whether is it really possible to file PERMIT even if there is 1 day left in my old H1B. Can you please help me on this




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19 hours ago, JoeF said:

I am not quite sure about what permit you are talking about. If you mean PERM, the first step in getting a GC, that has nothing at all to do with the H1.

Please explain in more detail what you are talking about.

Thanks for your reply. There is typo error as PERMIT instead of PERM. I have one day left in my last H1 when i contacted a new employer he mentioned they can do the PERM. So my question is it really possible?  

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