After H1B interview VO took my passport and gave me 221g white slip. But after few days I have got an email from ustraveldocs saying that my passport returned being ready for pickup. When I went to collect my passport I saw same white slip inside of it.

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I have had my H1B visa interview done on April 19-2021 at Hyderabad Consulate. After the interview VO took my passport and gave me 221g white slip and said that nothing to worry about and there is some investigation needs to be done.

After a day April 20-2021 , I have got  a call from HYDERABAD FPU and asked  few details about my work location, employer and end client information. At the end of that call officer asked me to upload client letter  and LCA in a pdf format to an email given to me.

( . I have uploaded  the requested documents  within next hour. 

After a day April-21, 2021 I have got an email from us travel docs and says 

"Your document(s) have been collected from the US Embassy/Consulate
The passport number being returned is xxxxx" 

for a moment  I was really happy thinking that may be my visa has been issued that is the is the reason why they are asking me to pickup the passport. 

Once I went went and pickup my passport and they included same 221g white slip inside of it,  that was earlier given to me and there was no stamping page.

Once I have saw that and open CEAC website to track my 221g case status to find that it's in still REFUSED state. And the last update was on my interview date(April 19th).

does anyone know why my passport being returned. My anxiety levels are at peak thinking that  I am going to stuck here with the situation that I have now. 

at the time of writing this message  that is on Apr 23-2021 my case is still in REFUSED state.

Has anyone faced Similar situation ? if so I would like your feedback and help to understand my situation.

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As usual just post when you are in trouble waters. I wish you could have provided more details on how exactly interview went so that we can have better in-sights and it will help others in similar situation

Seeinf few other posts here, I feel my belief is even more stronger that in India people are attending visa interviews.

Now, back to your question.

does anyone know why my passport being returned - in 221G cases this is normal. They feel it might take more time to get 221G resolved.

Just wait and watch. 

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Update on my case:

May-1/2021 my case is updated to ISSUED. I am still waiting for the official email to drop off my passport for print. 

Background: After I have uploaded the requested document to HYDFPU on April 20/2021, none of my client or vendor have received any emails or calls. So I thought it's going to take a while to work on my case but luckily it it only took 10 days. 

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