H1B Sponsoring after denial


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I have a potential employer who wants me to work for him in USA. But the employer is not sue about my H1B sponsoring for my case.

Appreciate if someone can respond to my queries posted in points 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11.

Below is my scenario:

1)  I did my MS in USA and graduated in the year 2007.

2) Worked on OPT for few months and later my employer sponsored H1B in 2008 - in MS CAP Quota.

3) Weirdly my H1B was denied for extension in 2018 and I left to India.

4) I still have approved I-140 related to Green Card process in EB2 category.

5) Recently I moved to Canada as I earned Permanent Residency and working for a USA based client from Toronto.

6) A new employer reached out to me and offered a job in his startup company.

Q7) Since it is already March 17th, not sure if my potential employer can sponsor or apply for H1B now?

Q8) Correct e if I am wrong; because I had H1B earlier and also an approved I-140. do my potential employer need to file by April 1st? 

Q9) Some of my colleagues in USA were stating that my H1B candidature can be submitted anytime and need not follow the regular 1st April deadline. Is this true?

Q10) My potential employer was asking me how much would it cost for him to sponsor/ invest in H1B application - H1B Fee and advocate fee? 

Note: They currently have 140 employees in their company.

Q11) Let me know what is the best case scenario for me.




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