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I am a USC and have a friend who lives in India and would like to visit in the fall. The problem is he recently quit his job to go home to help take care of a very ill family member. He is stressed and could use the break. I offered to let him come and stay for 2 weeks and I would cover his expenses while he was here. He says someone told him I would need to sponsor him and complete and send in an Affidavit of Support. I thought that was only for someone who was immigrating, and not required for a non-immigrant visitor visa. Can someone tell me if it would be required in this instance? Many thanks!

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nothing is required from you nor will anything from you make any positive difference...he must qualify based on his own situation, not yours...basically no job no reason to  return, and thus, no visa...and no, merely having n alleged ill relative back home id not a reason to return (and how could one leave an ill  relative just to vacation??z0aa

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