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I am from India, currently on an academic H1b visa for the last 6 years, it expires in Aug 2021. Prior to that I was on a J1 visa with an approved J1 waiver. In anticipation of my visa expiration, I have applied for my I140 (NIW) in April 2020 and I am still waiting for that process to play out. I have requested my university to apply for my green card, it's been 3 years, my PERM is still not applied.
I am applying for company jobs in the same field, however H1B cap exempt to H1B cap transition is difficult. I am also looking for an O1 visa.
What other options do I have? 
Is there any way to expedite the NIW process?
What happens if my visa expires in Aug 2021. Can I renew it for a year?
How do I convince the new company? 
Is there any other visa?
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I mentioned this to my University immigration lawyer. After numerous follow up they say no such thing available.

Could you please advice on USCIS website where is this written. Could you tell me where do I find this circular

and Who will file for extension as my I 140 NIW was self petition, University did not file for it.


Thank you

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