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Hello All,

Hope all is well.


I have questions about my eligibility for US citizenship. Need your guidance/comments on if I am eligible for it???

Landing details:

·         Immigrated (landed) to the USA based on family category (F3) the first time date: 29th Nov 2010


Details of dates I was OUTSIDE of the USA since I immigrated:

·         29-Mar-11 till 29-Feb-12 (337 days)  

·         18-Jun-12 till 8-Apr-14 (659 days. applied and got approved for TRAVEL DOCUMENT i-131)

·         29-Nov-14 till 22-Apr-15 (144 days)

·         20-Aug-15 till 4-Feb-16 (168 days)

·         30-Sep-16 till 8-Feb-18 (496 days. Applied and got approved for TRAVEL DOCUMENT i-131)

·         17-Jan-19 till 9-Feb-19 (26 days)

·         12-Sept-19 till 14-Oct-19 (32 days)


Total # of days OUTSIDE of USA since I immigrated = 1862 days (61.21 months)

Total # of days OUTSIDE of USA since past 5 years (since Jan 1st 2016) = 589 days (19.31 months)


Presently, I am in USA and intend to stay and have no vacations/work outside of USA planned.



·         Please help me understand and guide me if I am eligible for USA citizenship?

·         Am I eligible to apply for Naturalization form N-400?

·         If I am not eligible, when will I be eligible to apply (assuming I stay in USA continuously and do not leave out of country for more than a month)?


Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much.

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