B2 Visa Extension with pending H1B application

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My STEM OPT had expired in June 2020. My selection didn't get picked in the H1B lottery, and as such I applied for a CoS to B2 within the 60 day grace period. The status of this application remains as "case has been received". In August 2020, I was informed by the employer (who had submitted my registration) that my registration was selected in the second round lottery, and as of today this application is also pending with USCIS (documents have been submitted; awaiting a decision).

Would I be able to file an extension for my B2 visa? If so, would I be able to use the pending H1B application as a reason for the extension? If I wouldn't be able to file for the extension, would leaving the country result in me abandoning my H1B application? Please advise.


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first, you need to stop working without permission....and your request for an extension merely announces that is what you are doing, as no student has the resources to be a tourist for months and months...leaving the US will not affect any pending H1B application, as you are not in H1B status..the first question that will be asked is just how and what you are doing now....watching TV won't be a believable answer

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