H4 Visa stamping in a different country

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My H1 B visa expired on 05/10/2018. I quit my company in Feb 2019 and joined another company and I have a valid I 797 till July 2022. 

My wife is planning for a visit to her sister's home in Singapore, where she is planning to get her H4 visa stamped.

My question is , Can she go for her H4 visa stamping in a different country other than India (Home country)?

Thanks a lot for all the help.



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USUALLY embassies will not provide visas for 3rd country citizens who are just visiting....they usually will only do so if the 3rd country national is ordinarily resident in that country such as on a work visa etc

That being said, the correct answer can only be supplied by the Singapore US embassy as they may have an exception.

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