F1 SEVIS Cancelled Today & H1B Approved from Oct 01


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Below is my predicament. 

I am on an F1 Visa working under CPT(for obvious reasons). My employer(full-time) has applied for my H1B this April 2020 which was approved with the start date being Oct 01 2020. 

However, my university has cancelled my SEVIS(recently) for a combination of reasons such as low attendance/incomplete assignments. 
SEVIS has been cancelled by the university and it cannot be undone for now. This option is ruled out.

Can anyone help me with the following questions,

  1. My H1B Application was applied in Student quota. Will there be a challenge for me to convert to H1B if things stand as is(no-active-SEVIS), and I take Vacation up until October 01st?
  2. If yes to above, I can get an admit to a school(with a new SEVIS ID) and still take a vacation at work up until October 01st. Will there be an issue if the SEVIS ID is different from what was Active during my H1B petition?
  3. Say, above two aren't viable and I lose my "Approved H1B". Can I file another petition without the need of going through lottery as I had my H1B Approved(and that I'm still within the 6 year limit). "Least preferred option but just curious".

P.S.: It wasn't my intention to go to a college for CPT. I've already graduated from a decent school but got unlucky with the lottery system time and again which forced me down this path. 

Please do suggest if there are any other options that would help/ease my situation. 

Thanks in Advance!!

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