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Dear members, if the visa page mentions 'R B1/B2' for visa type, class - does it mean the visa holder has both B1 and B2 visas or either one of them only? My cousin had previously visited USA on B1 through her employer for some meetings and training purposes in the past. He's planning to visit here on vacation. I'm trying to confirm if he has B2 as well, in which case he can travel to USA for vacation without attending visa interview or whether he needs to get B2 visa to travel to USA? Please advise.

Also, is it true that getting a B2 visitor visa for a young person (in early 30s) is difficult, even though they're employed and have a well established career in their home country? Thanks.

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On 8/6/2020 at 8:07 AM, Noah Lott said:

if the visa itself shows 'B1/B2' and the date of expiration has not yet been reached (validity date), then her current visa is still valid for travel purposes.....that does not mean that she would be admitted to the US upon arrival, however....as CPB interviews (quickly) and can determine a person is not admissable.

Noah, please clarify why you think CPB would deem the person as inadmissible if the visa page shows Regular B1/B2?

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