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I had applied for h1b visa in 2019. My visa was approved and I went to consulate for fingerprinting. Before I could visit the consulate again for my visa interview the USICS served a NOIR notice to my employer. My employer communicated to me that he has responded but my petition approval got revoked in 2 months by November 2019. My employer has not been giving any reasons for why approval got revoked.

A brief background in my travel history

I have not been to the US in last 13 years, I did not apply for a visa or hold a valid visa during these 13 years.  I had visited the US before 13 years for a brief period of 3 months on an L1 visa. My L1 visa got expired and I never applied for a new one.

Questions I have

#1) Is there any way I can get my copy of the revocation notice to examine why my petition was revoked?

#2) What could be possible causes for revoking my approved petition even without an interview?

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The H1 petition is the employer's petition. It has no connection with your visa interview or your travel history. H1 petition and visa are two different things.

You can't get a copy of the H1 petition revocation.

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What will you do with the revocation notice if your employer is not willing to appeal it. You should apply a new petition with the current or new employer. Old petition is gone if its past 30 days of the denial.

Anyway the denial notice is sent to your employer as he is one filing the H1 for you. He should share it with you. If I had to guess, it could be denied in the basis of specialty occupation or no client offer for the duration of the H1. 

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