Laid off on H1B, I140 approved, intent to


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I've read a lot of posts and it is recommended that you apply for F1 or B2 if you anticipate staying over the 60 day period. However, with an I140 approved, which expresses my intent to immigrate, then wouldn't there be any issues applying for a change of status to F1 or B2 given you would have to show no intent to immigrate via those visas? I'm sure this has come up before. Appreciate any personal experience and advice! Should I speak to a lawyer to further confirm? 


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Not sure if any good university will give you an I20 in the middle of the year for apply for an F1. But B2 is an option to apply and stay. This is just a temporary thing which will let you be in status while you make plans to leave the country. But you should not expect to continue on B2 for a long period of time. Give that COS to B2 is taking long time to adjudicate, you will get few months to make travel plans. 


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