H4 stamping (How to convince VO)


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I have my H4 visa appointment next week, I have done my MS and was on H1b for a while and then later got my H4 stamping done almost 2 yrs ago and now I have to go for my H4 stamping renewal (my husband got 3 yrs extension after 140 approval, he is still in USA and I am in India since past 4 months). We don't intend to stay there permanently

Question 1.

How can I convince the VO, after having my husband applied for GC. Will that be a problem?

Question 2.

Also on DS 160, there was a question

Has anyone filed for immigrant visa on your behalf - I answered "NO" because it's my husbands employer who filed on his name, and not on my name. Am I correct?

Please advise.


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