New client not on LCA or Ammendment


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I work in tech Consulting on Client site for Software implementation. I live in Chicago and used to travel for work to client site.

I was working for a client based out of Florida. As per the project requirement I was supposed to start traveling to Birmingham, AL so the company filed for my H1B Amendment last year

to included Client's Alabama location in my new LCA. As part of the amendment they also included my company's Chicago, IL office location in the LCA since I worked from home every Friday.

Last year i moved to a different client in Schaumburg, IL which is a suburb to Chicago and is within 50 miles of my company's base office in Chicago.

The company did not file a new amendment or a new LCA for the new client and told me that I can work for the new client since I have a location on my LCA which is within 50 miles of the client’s office.

They did post a new LCA pointer notice at this new Client and issue me a transfer memo (an internal letter stating that I have been assigned to this new work location and since this location is within the MSA of an existing location on my LCA a new LCA or amendment is not required)

I have to travel to India, and I would need to get a new H1B visa stamped on my passport. I am not eligible for dropbox.

My concern is that when I go for my Visa Interview One of the questions they might ask me is who my client is and Since the Client mentioned on my LCA is not same as who I work for now, I might have in issue with my visa stamping. Can you please advise?

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