I-94 Extension : Looking for Options to do.


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Hi All,
My Son is on H4 Visa. Visa is stamped till End of June 2021. But since his passport is expiring on 06/30/2020, 
he got his I-94 till 06/30/2020 only. Now we have applied new passport and got it. 

To extend the I-94, I have visited nearest International airports and requested but they refused to do.

I have asked the CBP officer in airport about going to Canada through Air and return, She said it may not work because you need to stay 
beyond 30 Days. I got confused and called CBP office and they said we can go to Canada and return with new I-94 for my son, 
because his old passport is already invalid, whereas my I-94 will not get any change.

Me and My Son both have valid Canadian Tourist Visa.

Travelling to India or Applying extension are not the options I am looking for now.

Now I am left with the following options.

1. Air travel to Canada- Toronto and return back to Charlotte over a weekend.
2. Road travel to Canada, Cross the Rainbow bridge and return back and request for I-94 extension at POE.
3. Travel to Laredo, Texas and cross the bridge with my son and request for I-94 extension.
4. Travel to any Caribbean country and come back.

I am confused with these options and which one to Select?

Experienced people please guide me.

Thanks in Advance.

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