F2 visa refused 4 times


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Hi I am from Nepal. My husband is on F1 visa and he will graduate in December 2020. My F2 visa was denied 2 times from community college and 2 times from university. They gave white paper stating every alien shall be considered immigrant unless he/she satisfies the officer that he/she have non immigration intent. Also, stated it can be proved by family ties, possessions, employment. Since I started working now can I state employment and show strong ties towards own country.

what should we do now? Should I try again showing employment?

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For someone who gets a 214b refusal, the fact that the visa applicant has a job is not necessarily going to help because the person is ready to leave the United States. One might try to argue in response to an F-2 visa refusal that the only person's intent that should be the focus is the F-1 visa holder and if the Consulate found the F-1 holding nonimmigrant intent, then there should be no question for the F-2 applicant.

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It is indeed unfortunate that your F2 visa applications have been denied 4 times in the past. It is important to establish strong non-immigrant intent of both yourself and your spouse, while applying for your F2 visa. Among other requisites, you need to make sure to highlight all the strong ties you have to your home country, employment can surely evidence your commitment to return to your home country. We would suggest that you consult with a qualified and experienced Immigration Attorney who can assist you in making an honest and clear F2 visa re-application. 
Should you need help, you can reach us on info@murthyindia.com. 

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