H1B Visa Stamping process with Spouse and Baby

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Me and my wife are planning to stamp our H1B Visa on our next trip to India. We have few questions regarding the H1B Visa stamping process and interview.
1. We both are in H1B Visa and work for different companies, do we both need to schedule different slots for the Visa interview or we can schedule the interview together by adding my wife in my application in UStraveldocs.
2. By default, it is showing us Mumbai for Visa interview. Can we select New Delhi Consulate?
3. We have a 6 month old son who is a US Citizen and has US Passport, can he accompany us for the Visa Interview?
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1. Families having separate petitions can be interviewed together. The down side is if one application is held up, the other is also held up till both gets cleared. They don't want to approve one and hold the other and separate your family. You can also apply separately.

2. Yes, you can. You could be asked, so be prepared to explain why you chose Delhi over Mumbai.

3. I guess you can, but make sure your interview is not distracted. If you and your spouse are interviewed separately at different time slots, one of them can manage the baby. This can be told as a reason in case they ask you why you didn't apply for family interview (together).

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