Do I need to go for h1b Visa stamping?


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I got my visa stamping done on Oct 2017 and i got visa still Oct 2020. I changed client after 3 months from oct 2017. I filed an amendment for it. Then they responded for that amendment in Oct 2018 and gave a rfe. We submitted the RFE in around dec 2018 or jan 2019. After that , they responded to that on Jan 29,2020 and approved the amendment with date as """""12/31/2018"""""""""".  So i got out of status and my attorney told me to leave US and i m out of status. So i left US in a day. Then my attorney raised a request to uscis to check if its clerical issue. Along with that they are filing an extension in premium. Now my question is in case if they approved my extension, as i already had a visa stamping till oct 2020, DO i still need to go for visa stamping now to get back to US? 

Can you please let me know. Also can you please add some info/tips about my case and what happened with this backdated approval?

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On 2/12/2020 at 1:13 PM, User099 said:

You might have submitted details like SOW or PO of a project that was till 12/31/2018. What was the RFE about?

I think you will be better off to submit a new petition and get it approved and travel back. You don't need a new visa stamp till Oct 2020.

Ok. As we submitted amendment in 2017 and my project extends only one year at a time, by the time they started looking at my amendment i think the contract dates mentioned in the documents is ended, so they asked all the documents of contracts again in 2018 . that is my rfe. 

Ok Thanks for the info. We are filing a new petition and if its approved i ll travel back. 

So if i get my visa only til aug/oct 2020. Do i need to apply for extension again in aug/oct 2020 and then i need to get out of country to get it stamped after aug/oct 2020?

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6 hours ago, RJ1234 said:



So After oct 2020 do i need to get out of country and get it stamped with new extension?

It is not like - you need to get out of country just to get a visa stamped, post your visa expiry date. In fact, it is - After your visa expiry, when you travel outside USA, you need a new visa to re-enter.

Many people stay and work in USA even after their visa expiry.

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