Urgent I-129 has a different passport number (expired passport), I have a separate passport

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I am now seeing that this lousy company opened its tin can and finally shared the I-129 and LCA copy with me. Its a bad looking xerox copy.

In I-129 Part - 3  5. If Beneficiary is in the United States, then complete the following,

the attorney along with employer, have entered my previous passport details.This passport has been cancelled and I got a new passport. I had even shared all 30 pages of this new passport with them.

Clearly, I am in India. 

What problems can this cause?

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The only silver lining for above is that the Director level reviewer issued an RFE asking for location, flight records, tax filing and pay stubs, employment details for the past 5 years. After detailed review of this, the visa was approved. 

What explanation shall I give...? I have booked dates as late as possible. How to explain the discrepancy ?

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16 hours ago, gopalakrishnach said:

I am really confused .. so your H1B is approved with old passport details now you are going to visa stamping interview with new passport and asking us how to explain.

If that is the question. No worries. Tell them truth that it expired and you got new passport.

Ahh!! Thanks!!! am still freaking out though, I waited for an year to get this and it comes out looking like this.. I have all evidences and old passport

Thanks Gopal!

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