Inconsistent middle name across documents


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I have my complete name as below in Indian passport.

Given Name: ABCD EFG

Last Name: XYZ

But in my opt ead and some of the I20's, the name 'EFG' is as middle name. So Given name appears as 'ABCD E'.

I'm about to apply for H1B. Can anyone please let me know if this would create a problem with the processing of H1B.

How should I proceed?



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Typically passport will be primary document. I have seen same issue many times. Candidates from India have this issue that they combine first and middle name together and then it can be construed as first name only.

You can do what many people do. Just list your first name ABCD wherever they ask and if they ask middle name just have it EFG. If they ask for middle initial, have it E. And obviously last name as it is. 

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