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I was booked under DWI in NJ in October, 2009 when I was on a valid H1B visa, just a week before I left US. I did attend the first time in court and sought time to appoint a lawyer, but then I had to leave US. Now my company wants me to travel to US again on B1/B2. Will I be able to travel to US without being stopped or questioned at the airport? Will I be arrested?

One thing I do know that US maintains all criminal records of a person until deceased.

Thanks for the help in advance. Please respond at the earliest as I have to convey my acknowledgement to the company for my willingness.

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You need to retain a DUI Lawyer in NJ to find out whether there is a bench warrant for your arrest in which case he will inform you of further consequences and any mitigation. You will also have to retain an Immigration Lawyer to interact with the DUI Lawyer.

I presume the company is unaware of the incident. Getting the company on your side by full disclosure of the facts may help you.

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