Visitor Visa denied due to insufficient funds


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My brother-in-law & sister in-law applied in Hyderabad, India for a Visitor visa in 2018 and got denied under 214(b). 
My in-law felt nervous through out the interview and when asked about the funds he accidentally said 2 lakhs instead of 20 lakhs and it ended up with a denial.

He intent to re-apply for the visitor visa in 2020 and I am wondering given the earlier denial was related to insufficient funds

1) would it help, if I (residing in usa) sponsor the trip. (mention in the same ds 160)
2) Or should it be self-sponsor and show sufficient funds in India.

Please advise

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The VO has access to all your previous records and what you have said previously is right in front of them when you appear for interview again.

if VO asks about previous interview rejection, be honest and say that previous incident was a slip of tongue. However, they could deny again without asking anything specific to previous interview. Be confident and honest. Good luck!


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They should apply again and not get coached. They should know that they are planning a vacation and not asking for the holy grail. For example, our vacations are at the most 3 weeks at one time and though we do not need visas for many countries, we still research our trip a few months in advance to make sure that trip broadens our Horizons as travel is supposed to do. 


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