Visa Stamping after 6 Years

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I have been in the US for 5.5. years after I came here in April 2014 on H1B. I came here and worked as a consultant for a local firm and with multiple clients. As of  July 2019, I joined as full time to a healthcare company. I got a 3 year extension to my H1B based on the I140 approval from my previous employer. My petition now is valid till 2022. I am planning India visit in June 2020 and I would need to go for Visa stamping. My question is 

- Will it be an issue since I am going for stamping after 6 years?

- I am full time now and I will take all relevant documents like employer letter etc, but still want to confirm whether it will be a issue?

If the Visa officer asks me why I did not travel for 6 years, what would be the ideal response? 

Thanks in advance.


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Thank you User099 and Gopalakrishnach. One other question. We are going as a family for Visa interview (H1B and H4). If for some reason I had to delay the trip, can my dependents attend the visa interview first and then later I can attend for H1B visa interview? Currently, my passport has expired visa. So, what I am meaning is, can my dependents attend the H4 visa interview without my Visa being stamped first? They will be having my I797 copy and other important documents.

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